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About Laos
Top ten to do in Laos!

Sightseeing: Luang Prabang, Plain of Jars, Hong Kiaw, Hongsa, Vangvieng, Vientiane, Kong Lor Cave, Bolaven Plateu, Wat Phu, these are waiting for you, take a drive travel Laos and discover the beauty of Laos.

Ecotourism Laos: Ecotourism travels are very famous in Laos, you can have bird watching, camping, trekking, kayaking.

Ethnic visiting: In Laos there are more than 60 ethnics. So, in your travel Laos trip, you just take a drive to country side and then you will meet with the friendliness people, take home stay and experience their life style.

Sunsets: After long driving, take a break along the Mekong River bank with one bottle of Beer Lao and then feel the beauty of sunset.

4x4 off road Lao adventure: Exploring the green land jungles , plus high mountains , and feel amaze with the beautiful of Laos by taking Lao 4x4 trip.

Lao New Year: The high light occasion for all tourist and all Lao people. It the time when people cerebrate together, travel Laos together, get wet together and end with Basi ceremony.

That Luang Festival: The full moon day on November festival, one of the occasion that all Lao people and tourist waiting for.

Boat Racing Festival: After rainy season Lao people cerebrate exciting event by making the boat competition on the Mekong River, if you plan to travel Laos don’t miss this time.

Giving alms: Get up at nice early morning, and touch with Lao ancient traditional by giving alms to a long line of Monk.

Testing and Cooking Lao Food: After enjoying your great Lao menu, gain your travel Laos experience by having Lao cooking by your own.

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